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Helping Ancient & Modern – with the emphasis on modern.
We’re always pleased to work with old colleagues of ours. So we were delighted when a new agency asked us to produce their website.

By Mike Everett on

On January 6, 2020 a new creative agency launched with an intriguing name. Ancient & Modern is the brainchild of Adrian Holmes, John O’Driscoll and Seamus O’Farrell. With an average age of 64 they offer the experience of age with an ambition for producing great work that the years have not dimmed.

10 years in the making: our first-ever ad for Graduate Coach.
Everything comes to he who waits. In our case it was nearly a decade before an ad for Graduate Coach landed in our in-tray.

By Mike Everett on

Graduate Coach is a unique undertaking. Over the past ten years, under the leadership of founder, Chris Davies, it has guided hundreds of graduates into hotly contested graduate level jobs. Throughout those ten years, Anatomised and its partners have supported Chris and his team.* Along with others I helped Chris write his two books, The […]

Is this the best-ever demonstration commercial for a car?
Before they were thrown off air, Top Gear thought so. Here’s the story of how we made the film, way back in 1986.

By Mark Andrews on

I was thrilled when Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond chose as best car demonstration commercial one of the many films I produced during my days as Head of Television at Collett, Dickenson and Pearce (CDP). I knew they were planning something of the kind because the BBC had phoned me last year to […]

How the West can win.
It isn’t only creative people who should attend creative training sessions. Everybody should.

By Mike Everett on

A short while ago I completed a project that I undertook on behalf of D&AD, the international creative awards organisation. It involved me interviewing 20 of the country’s top creative people and then writing about the D&AD training courses that they conducted. I wasn’t surprised to learn that creative professionals who wish to brush up their skills take up the lion’s share of places on these courses. But increasingly D&AD find that a significant number of non-creative professionals are signing up, too.

Yakult TV campaign and CH4 Breakfast Time sponsorship

By Mark Andrews on

We were asked to find a director of some artistic subtlety to produce a piece of animated work that, whilst being CGI-based, had to have an ‘organic’ or ‘illustrated’ quality instead of the more normal ‘hard-gloss’ look, in order to give a more appealing feeling to this quality product.

Snake heads and serpentine rivers

By admin on

The mention of Suriname caught David Hughes’ attention when he first heard about J P Knight’s river transport services in South America. He had spent time in the country when he was much, much, younger. In fact his first job in Advertising was in Suriname.