Yakult TV campaign and CH4 Breakfast Time sponsorship

by Mark Andrews
Posted on: November 4th, 2014
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30" TV commercial

10" TV commercial

Called on by Peter Travis and Gill Sully and direct to client, Yakult, we were asked to find a director of some artistic subtlety to produce a piece of animated work that, whilst being CGI-based, had to have an ‘organic’ or ‘illustrated’ quality instead of the more normal ‘hard-gloss’ look, in order to give a more appealing feeling to this quality product. Bernie Roux fitted the bill and we ended up with a result that has become a seriously ‘stand-out’ campaign.

Much care was also taken over finding the right voiceover, Tim Preece, who has become closely associated with the brand.

Indeed it has been so successful that we used the same work as the basis for the 2014 CH4 Breakfast Time Sponsorship package.

The whole project has proved a very satisfying experience creatively and more importantly, has really hit the target as far as the client’s expectations are concerned.

We handled all the agency TV functions: contractual, copy clearance, post-production, media-liaison and distribution.

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