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How we do what we do

Anatomised - by being consistent

By being consistent.

We don’t have an ‘A Team’ that you meet when you give us a project, then disappears once it’s underway. We give you an ‘A Team’ that takes the brief, then continues to work on it until completion. We believe that the relationship and chemistry that convinced you to hire us are fundamental to your business. So the same team stays with it.

Anatomised - by being creative

By being creative.

At Anatomised you deal only with the creative people, although they’re not all designers and writers. Our account directors and planners have their moments, too. And we work usually with owners, chief executives and marketing executives. We find this way of working leads to swifter and better results.

Anatomised - By being fun

By being fun.

We believe that if we enjoy the work we do, and that you enjoy the work we do, everyone will enjoy the work we do. It’s been proved time and again that when people enjoy a company's marketing communication they also buy the product.

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