10 years in the making: our first-ever ad for Graduate Coach.

Everything comes to he who waits. In our case it was nearly a decade before an ad for Graduate Coach landed in our in-tray.
by Mike Everett
Posted on: February 7th, 2020
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Graduate Coach is a unique undertaking. Over the past ten years, under the leadership of founder, Chris Davies, it has guided hundreds of graduates into hotly contested graduate level jobs. Throughout those ten years, Anatomised and its partners have supported Chris and his team.*

Along with others I helped Chris write his two books, The Student Book and The Graduate Book. David Hughes contributed to Graduate Coach’s corporate design. And, from time to time, both of us produced promotional material for Graduate Coach. But it wasn’t until recently that Chris asked us to create and produce Graduate Coach’s first-ever display advertisement.

The brief couldn’t have been clearer. The ad was to run in magazines and national titles such as The Daily Telegraph. Its aim: to let parents whose graduate sons and daughters found themselves becalmed in the job market know that help was at hand. To tell these worried parents that Graduate Coach was a service that would steer their offspring into jobs that befitted their hard-earned degrees. Here’s the ad, created by David Hughes and me.



All of us at Anatomised wish Graduate Coach a happy tenth anniversary. We hope the close relationship we have enjoyed throughout Graduate’s Coach’s first decade will continue into its second – and that, pay attention here Chris – we won’t have to wait so long to be asked to do another ad.

*All three founding partners of Anatomised know Chris Davies from Collett, Dickenson and Pearce, where we all worked. It remains Britain’s most creatively awarded advertising agency, despite having not existed for the past 20 years.