Oakley Orchards website: now in full bloom

by Mike Everett
Posted on: August 25th, 2018
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This is the logo we created for Oakley Orchards. We wanted to hint at an orchard without favouring any particular fruit. So, taking our clue from the Oakley name, we used oak leaves to stand in for fruit trees. Artist Alex Machin did a wonderful job of realising this notion.

Bob Tomlinson and Carole Salmon, run a company called Village Makers. In partnership with Pete Thompson, an Essex farmer, they are in the process of planning a neighbourhood of new houses to be built in the village of Great Oakley in Essex. Pete, Bob and Carole needed materials to market the new neighbourhood, principally a website, but also branding for Oakley Orchards and Village Makers. Anatomised got the job.

The three partners were keen to emphasise the difference between their development – to be called Oakley Orchards – and other contemporary housing developments. Not for them a row of neat boxes or ‘stunning’ executive homes, but rather, six different types of house with interiors that could be custom-built, to suit a customer’s needs and desires. Moreover, each house was to be positioned and orientated to preserve privacy yet, at the same time, encourage neighbourliness. Sustainability and conservation are high on the agenda too, particularly with Pete Thompson, who spares no effort to prevent his farming activities from having a negative effect on the local environment and community.



For our part at Anatomised we set out to make the Oakley Orchards website as distinctive as Oakley Orchards itself. So we studied the sites of housing developers and set out to create a site that was as different from the norm as possible. Why not click here and take a look, to see if we’ve succeeded?

Planning permission for the first phase of 21 houses in Oakley Orchards is due to be granted in September. A show home is being launched in spring next year. And interest is growing by the day. Keep an eye on the website to keep track of progress. Everything points to Oakley Orchards being a blooming marvellous place to live.