Helping Ancient & Modern – with the emphasis on modern.

We’re always pleased to work with old colleagues of ours. So we were delighted when a new agency asked us to produce their website.
by Mike Everett
Posted on: February 27th, 2020
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On January 6, 2020 a new creative agency launched with an intriguing name. Ancient & Modern is the brainchild (one might almost say lovechild) of Adrian Holmes, John O’Driscoll and Seamus O’Farrell. With an average age of 64 they offer the experience of age with an ambition for producing great work that the years have not dimmed. In short, they plan to drag the skills of the past kicking and screaming into the present day.


Ancient and Modern agency house ad


Obviously, one of the first requirements of any new agency is a website. And for this modern need Ancient & Modern turned to us at Anatomised, and specifically, David Hughes, our creative partner with responsibility for digital implementation. But why use us, rather than the many other companies that offer similar abilities?

Well, for one thing, we are all well acquainted. Anatomised’s three founding partners, David Hughes, Mark Andrews and I are former employees of Collett, Dickenson and Pearce, as are Adrian and John. So we have all worked together before. For another, we share the same values, an ambition for excellence in everything we do – and it’s fair to say that is reflected in the high quality of the website that Anatomised have produced for Ancient & Modern. Take a look and see if you agree:

For our part we wish Ancient & Modern every success. And, as Adrian, John and Seamus know, we are always on hand to create websites, implement social media and produce any other digital iteration on behalf of their clients. That’s to say anything bang up to date and modern, despite the fact that with an average age that is even greater than Ancient & Modern’s, we could easily be described as ancient, too.