How do you unlock the spirit of a restaurant in lockdown?

by Mike Everett
Posted on: May 7th, 2020
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The quick answer to our question is with difficulty. A restaurant’s spirit is embodied in its staff, its food and its ambience. It’s impossible to replicate all, if any, of the above right now, with the UK in lockdown. Which got our clients at Peet’s restaurant scratching their heads. What could they offer to keep the spirit of their restaurant alive during these difficult times? In the short term they plumped for an initiative called ‘Peet’s at Home’, a collection of recipes for the restaurant’s favourite dishes that can be cooked at home.


Peet's restaurant at home


Many of the recipes feature seafood that is caught locally. The local fishing industry has suffered badly with restaurants such as Peet’s closed. Sales of fish and other seafood have fallen dramatically, threatening the livelihoods of the local fishing community. (And, by the way, of fishing communities throughout Britain.) Peet’s thought that anything they could do to encourage the public to take up the slack would be worthwhile. In fact, this was as important to the team at Peet’s as continuing to nourish the spirit of their restaurant.

Anatomised are proud to have designed and created content for the Peet’s at Home microsite. You can see it by clicking here. As the weeks roll by, and particularly while Peet’s remains closed, the team at Peet’s intends to develop other ideas that embody the spirit of the restaurant. At Anatomised we expect to be fully involved in these future developments – particularly as working with Peet’s has proved such a pleasant experience, albeit in the difficult circumstances we are all experiencing at the moment.