Taking the Fun out of Fundraising

By David Hughes on

I need your support and I haven’t got much time. Anyone who knows me will realise that the invitation, ‘Let’s walk!’ may as well have been followed by ‘on hot coals’ such is the dread it inspires in me. So you can only imaging my bewilderment when I tell you that somehow I’ve managed to commit myself to walk 20km on the 6th of September.

Snake heads and serpentine rivers

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The mention of Suriname caught David Hughes’ attention when he first heard about J P Knight’s river transport services in South America. He had spent time in the country when he was much, much, younger. In fact his first job in Advertising was in Suriname.

REWIND – 40 Years of Design and Advertising

By David Hughes on

REWIND features on our own bookshelves partly because it chronicles a period that includes a significant chunk of our working lives in the industry and features many of our design and advertising heroes. It’s also included because it features a couple of pieces of work drawn from our own archives: The Tate by Tube and Becks Bier advertising for Scottish & Newcastle Breweries.