The fallability of research
It’s astonishing how often research jumps to the wrong conclusion. Brexit is just one example.

By Mike Everett on

As I write this I have beside me Thursday’s London Evening Standard. The headline reads as follows: ‘Remain ahead in final poll’. Also beside me I have Friday’s Evening Standard, whose front-page headline shouts ‘We’re Out’. So, as with last year’s General Election, the polls have got it wrong again. Not that I’m surprised.

The tyranny of the blank piece of wall
It’s often said that the writing’s on the wall for advertising. Might that be because of quite the opposite: there’s no writing on the wall?

By Mike Everett on

The other day I was invited to visit the new offices of AMVBBDO. And what splendid offices they are, too. Occupying a modern building in Southwark Street, with views over The Shard, this sparkling workspace, is set amongst a complex of shops and restaurants, a stone’s throw from the Tate Modern.

A timely reminder of Trumbo

By Mike Everett on

This is a rewrite of a post I published a few years back. It concerns the feature film, Lonely Are The Brave. But seeing as the feature film’s writer, Dalton Trumbo, is the subject of a new movie I thought it was timely to update it.

A celebration of the career of Alan Waldie.

By Mike Everett on

The other day I was privileged to experience something that one person who was present described as ‘magical’. It was a specially-convened event to celebrate the remarkable career of Alan Waldie. Alan is noted for many great pieces of work but most famously for the Benson & Hedges ‘Swimming Pool’ commercial which won a coveted D&AD Black Pencil in the late seventies. Last Tuesday, Alan was presented with another Black Pencil, to mark his extraordinary career. But rather than describing the event in detail, I can do no better than to publish below a press release prepared by Tim Lindsay, CEO of D&AD. Here it is.

Being Jeremy Corbyn
Of all the people to resemble, why, in my case, did it have to be the leader of Her Majesty’s Opposition?

By Mike Everett on

Why couldn’t it have been somebody like George Clooney? Or Cary Grant? Or Martin Shaw, even? No such luck. It turns out that my near-doppelganger is not so much a Clooney as a loony. I wouldn’t mind, but people keep pointing out the resemblance, even complete strangers. Of course, none of this is helped by the fact that, like Jeremy, I live in Islington.

How the ads were done

By Mike Everett on

Most great ads have an interesting story behind them: how the writers and art directors dreamed up the ideas, and what inspired them. I thought it would be an interesting idea to research some of these stories and describe the process behind their creation. I pitched this idea to Stephen Foster at the advertising website ‘More About Advertising’.

Mixing it with Nate Brown at Merchant House.
What happened when Merchant House’s head mixologist got to work with Asterley Brothers new amaro – and what Mark Andrews and I thought of the results.

By David Hughes on

Rob and Jim, the Asterley Brothers, have created Dispense. ‘A modern British amaro’ is how they describe it. However, its roots are firmly Sicilian.

Having been invited to take part in the beta testing, Mark Andrews and I took two sample bottles down to Nate Brown, head mixologist, at Merchant House, a bar in the City near St Paul’s.