This gave us a laugh in the latest Lockdown

by Mike Everett
Posted on: May 16th, 2021
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This third Lockdown hasn’t given us much to laugh about but this brought a smile to our faces, courtesy of The Screen on the Green, a cinema in Upper Street, Islington.


Worst Trilogy Ever Lockdown 3


We sincerely hope Lockdown Three does end up being the final offering from this particularly dull franchise and that Lockdown Four never goes into production. But if it does, may we suggest the following full title: Lockdown Four – the never-ending story. Or perhaps take a leaf out of Mamma Mia’s book: Lockdown Four – here we go again. Or from Alien, a reference to Stay at Home – Lockdown Four – in your own space nobody can hear you scream. Any other suggestions from our readers gratefully received.


May the 17th be with you