The passing of one of Britain’s most accomplished copywriters

by Mike Everett
Posted on: February 28th, 2021
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Richard Foster, whom Britain’s most-awarded copywriter, Tony Brignull once described as a ‘natural writer’, passed away on February 8. Richard himself was also a multi-award winning advertising copywriter whose work appears in no fewer than 29 D&AD Annuals, which is surely some kind of record. Like Tony, he too contributed to The Copy Book, another D&AD publication. In fact, we make reference to his contribution to The Copy Book in the further reading section of our free PDF download Rediscover the Lost Art of Copywriting. We describe his account of how he wrote the copy for a Sainsbury’s ad as a ‘one-page master class in the craft’.

Rather than write more about Richard – much as he deserves it – we will refer you to Dave Dye’s website Stuff from the Loft, which tells you just about everything there is to know about Richard’s career. There, you will find a podcast that Richard recorded with Dave Dye in March 2019. Dave Dye, an inveterate advertising archivist, has also uploaded an extensive selection of work written by Richard throughout his long and successful career, including a number of commercials. Additionally, it provides what amounts to a timeline for Richard’s working life by punctuating the ads with Richard’s letters of appointment from the agencies for whom he worked. This link will take you through to the appropriate page of Stuff from the Loft.

As you will see, Dave Dye also helpfully includes Richard’s appreciation of David Abbott – for many years his boss at AMVBBDO – that was originally published in the Creative Circle Annual in 2008. Dave describes it as the best tribute to David Abbot that he has ever read. Finally, a poster written by Richard Foster when he was at Collett, Dickenson & Pearce that Anatomised’s Mike Everett featured in his Desert Island ads on the advertising website More About Advertising.


Richard Foster' this much lead... for Parker Pens


This poster has the distinction of having won two D&AD awards in the same year, 1981. Not only was it awarded a Gold Pencil for most outstanding poster it was also awarded a Silver Pencil for most outstanding 48-sheet poster. It was one of many award-winning ads created by Richard with his art director John Horton during the 30 years they worked together.