The death of my mentor.

by Mike Everett
Posted on: April 20th, 2017
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John Salmon

John Salmon photograph: John Claridge

As has been widely reported in the advertising press, John Salmon passed away on April 7th. Like many people who have worked with John, I was greatly saddened to hear the news. If anybody can be called my mentor, it is John. He guided me through the process of writing on many occasions by taking me through my copy and patiently explaining what was wrong with this line or that. Eventually, thanks to John’s tutelage, I was able to write copy that needed no intervention from him whatsoever.

I remained friends with him up until the time of his death and shall miss his dry wit greatly. And I’m not the only one. My Anatomised partners, David Hughes and Mark Andrews, also once worked for John and kept in touch with him afterwards. Mark Andrews, in fact, saw John for lunch with John Tylee of Campaign a couple of weeks before John died. Anyway, I decided to write an appreciation of John. It’s been published by Stephen Foster on the advertising news website, More About Advertising. You can read it by clicking on this link: …much more than a man in the right place at the right time.