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The tyranny of the blank piece of wall
It’s often said that the writing’s on the wall for advertising. Might that be because of quite the opposite: there’s no writing on the wall?

By Mike Everett on

The other day I was invited to visit the new offices of AMVBBDO. And what splendid offices they are, too. Occupying a modern building in Southwark Street, with views over The Shard, this sparkling workspace, is set amongst a complex of shops and restaurants, a stone’s throw from the Tate Modern.

The power of simplicity.
Why I chose posters for my Desert Island ads.

By Mike Everett on

Recently the advertising news website ‘More About Advertising’ published my choice of ads to take to a desert island. Many people have chosen their Desert Island Ads before. Often they select ads, (usually TV commercials) that others have previously chosen, which is fair enough. If you’re going to be alone, stuck on a desert island, you’re entitled to take whichever ads you want, even if a bunch of other people have picked the same ones. But I wanted to be different.